Hugh Kepets

Still life art images prints      
still life prints      
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  These Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints were created by the artist scanning dozens of small black and white drawings and hand-drawn texture plates into the computer. The artist manipulated these scanned images creating more than 100 layers. Each layer was assigned a color and opacity and positioned in a stacked order before being printed on a large format Epson 9880 printer using archival pigment ink on 100% rag fine art paper. All work, including original drawings, texture plates, scanning, computer manipulations, editing, proofing and final printing was done exclusively by the artist.

STUDIO UPRIGHT I Still Life Prints
BABY GRAND Still Life Prints
studio upright I            36"X27"            30"X22.5"
baby grand                36"X27"                 30"X22.5"
  STUDIO UPRIGHT II Still Life Prints  
  studio upright II                          24"X36"                            20"X30"
JAMIE III Still Life Prints
JAMIE IV Still Life Prints
JAMIE iii                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
JAMIE iV                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
LINDA III Still Life Prints
LINDA IV Still Life Prints
LINDA iii                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
LINDA iV                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
SHARI III Still Life Prints
SHARI IV Still Life Prints
SHARI iii                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
SHARI iV                      12"x20"                  15"X25"                     18"X30"
FRANCES I Still Life Prints
FRANCES II Still Life Prints
FRANCES I                    15"X15"               18"X18"
FRANCES II                    15"X15"               18"X18"
NORMA I Still Life Prints
NORMA II Still Life Prints
norma I                      15"X15"                  18"X18"
NORMA II                        15"X15"               18"X18"
SHIRLEY I Still Life Prints
SHIRLEY II Still Life Prints
shirley I                     15"X15"                 18"X18"
shirley II                    15"X15"                18"X18"
DAWN/RED BOWL Still Life Prints
DAWN / RED BOWL           12"X18"            15"X22.5"               18"X27"
HARRIET / GREEN BOWL        12"X18"         15"X22.5"           18"X27"
  IDA/RED BOWL Still Life Prints  
  IDA / RED BOWL              12"X18"               15"X22.5"               18"X27"
RACHEL/RED BOWL Still Life Prints
RACHEL / RED BOWL            12"X18"         15"X22.5"           18"X27"
VERONICA / BLUE BOWL            12"X18"       15"X22.5"        18"X27"
RUBY I Still Life Prints
RUBY II Still Life Prints
  RUBY III Still Life Prints
RUBY I                      15"X15"                   18"X18"   RUBY II                      15"X15"                   18"X18"   RUBY III                      15"X15"                   18"X18"
TIFFANY I Still Life Prints
TIFFANY II Still Life Prints
  TIFFANY III Still Life Prints
TIFFANY I                     15"X15"                 18"X18"   TIFFANY II                    15"X15"                 18"X18"   TIFFANY III                   15"X15"                 18"X18"