Hugh Kepets

Structural architectural still life paintings drawings prints
HUGH KEPETS has lived and worked in New York for the past three decades. He has had numerous one-person shows of his paintings, drawings and prints in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toronto and Dallas. His work has been included in countless group shows in the US and abroad. Kepets╩╝ work is included in major museum and university collections, as well as scores of corporate and private collections.

Working primarily with structural, architectural and still life subject matter, Kepets goes far beyond the simple depiction of his material. Complex and engaging, his work transforms familiar objects into highly evocative abstractions. Kepets renders precise and patterned close-ups by utilizing meticulous highlighting and shadow effects. This creates a feeling of three dimensional space in his carefully observed architectural and still life details.

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Focusing attention on the intricacies of each object, Kepets uses his sharply cropped compositions to express the sheer beauty of shapes and forms. He constantly plays with formal notions of surface flatness, figure-ground relationships and compositional symmetry. Kepets is clearly in control of an immense amount of information and a subtle and present technical prowess.

Hugh Kepets


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